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Wooden Cars

  Wooden cars have had a long and distingushed history, and still have present day relevance. Here is a selection of some interesting ones. If you are interested in a project building a car like these or a completely unique design, please contact us.

 At the right is the most famous American production wooden car; the Chrysler Town & Country 'Woody'. Was available in several different body styles including convertible and sedan, though the station wagon is most famous. Very collectable still.
chrysler town and country woody
wooden bodied car
 Pictured left is one of the more famous and valuable 'one -off' wooden  cars in existance. It was built for Andre Dubonnet of the drinks family. Made by the Nieuport aircaft works in France in the 1920's when this method of construction was still current for aircraft production. It is built of tulipwood on a Hispano Suiza chassis. It is in a museum in the U S and worth many millions.

 Pictured right is a modern supercar, in which not just the body, but wheels, suspension and many other parts are made from wood. It is the brainchild of an industrial design graduate. With some collegues he has been building it for a few of years and it is almost complete.

wooden bodied supercar
streamlined car  I think the 1930's streamlined cars are among the most elegant looking cars ever built,  They were made by many of the famous coachbuilding houses around at this period. This particular example at the left is a Talbot Lago with Figoni et Falaschi coachwork, 16 of these were built, and on the rare occasion they change hands they go for around £1.5 million

 To construct this style of bodywork in a fine quality timber would look absolutely superb, and be utterly unique in the world. I don't think it's ever been done.

Please call or e mail if you are interested in a wooden car.

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