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Steam Launch

Our company designs and builds Steam Launches.

We have several designs available from small 10' open boats to a 30' Edwardian style cabin steam launch. Also we can design a boat to your exact requirements.

For more details please see the steam boat page.

Or please call or e mail to discuss your requirements.
steam launch by thornycroft
steam launch
  Steam  launches have been in use since the early 18th century, however steam launches and boats reached the peak of their popularity around the 1890s. The advent of reliable petrol engines cost steam power it's popular appeal. But steam  is still in use today - for example in nuclear powered ships and submarines. An unexpected advantage of steam power is it's built in source of heat, which warms the boat and helps to extend the boating season further into spring and autumn.

  A  revival of interest in steam launches began in the 1950's  primarily among those who were interested in a mechanical hobby. A bit similar to classic car restoration but more interesting to the family, and more unique. In steam launches, the boat itself  can be sometimes just a setting for the main interest - the steam engine. However at Marine Classics we design and build elegant hulls to complement a stylish power plant.

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