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Slipper Launches

 Marine Classics design and build new slipper launches. The launches shown on this page are 21’ (6,4m) and 25'  (7,6m). But we build to a customer's requirements, so can make any size up to around 10m/32'. All launches are available with options of electric, petrol or diesel power. These slipper launches are made to the same high standard as you can see in our  'classic' range;  but with the traditional River  Thames slipper launch lines.

thames slipper launch
andrews slipper launch
  The decks are traditionally planked, in your choice of timbers. The hull is your choice of  fibreglass or mahogany. The interior has an upholstered seat aft, and a choice of upholstered, or the traditional Lloyd Loom chairs forward.
  Traditional river Thames style as popularised by Andrews and Parrott launch builders, from the 1930's up to the 60's. These launches are very stylish river and lake craft, and if required, can be used in coastal waters.

  The 21’ launch seats 5, and is priced from £31,500 to around £39,500 depending on specification. The 25' launch seats 6 and is priced from £49,500 to £65,500 depending on specification.

  Other sizes and options are available, please contact us and let us know your requirements. We can design and build any fibreglass or mahogany launch up to around 32 feet (10m).
electric slipper launch

thames slipper launches
 An excellent opportunity to commission a beautiful and enjoyable classic launch - an enduring source of pride and pleasure.

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slipper stern launch

Slipper Launches - summary

  The Slipper Launch is a traditional river Thames craft. It is a long, thin boat of low freeboard where the stern curves elegantly down to the waterline. Slipper launch seating was traditionally Lloyd Loom chairs forward and a rear upholstered bench seat.

  The hull is a 'low wash' design to maximise efficiency with the relatively low power originally available. Most slipper launches were open river or lake boats but a few were built with cabins. Slipper Launches were very popular in the 1930's to 1950's, and they are still being built today.

  The prototype slipper launch was built in 1912 by John Andrews of Bourne End on the river Thames. It was bought by Arthur Whitten-Brown who called it 'Merk'. Brown became famous for the first flight across the atlantic with John Alcock in 1919 in a converted Vickers Vimy bomber. Both of them had spent time as prisoners of war in the first world war after being shot down.

 The design of the Slipper Launch emulated motor cars of the period, to create new 'crossover' interest in boating from the increasing facination with automobiles. The engines used were mostly petrol car engines marinized to use in boats.

  These boats cost the equivalent of several years salary for most workers. Even so they became popular, with many on the river Thames and quite a few boats exported to Europe and further afield. Slipper Launches were not just constructed for private owners, many were built as hire boats for day trips on the river and holidays.

  Other important builders of Slipper Launches were, from the 1930's Meakes of Marlow, and from the 1960's Alf Parrott at Henley. Quite a few of these boats still exist and are now very collectable, although the restoration and maintenance costs can be very high.

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