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Ski Boats

  Marine Classics design and custom build ski boats. In both classic and modern styles. If you are struggling to find the perfect ski boat. Or  can't find what you need made by one of the mass manufacturers.  We can design it with you then build it for you.

 We can build any boat up to around 10m, and fit any engine option. So if you want to stand out from the crowd with a ski boat uniquely built to your own requirements please contact us.

ski boat
ski boat

   Ski Boat Design

Ski boats have fairly flat bottoms with little deadrise. This helps the boat lift, and leaves a small wake for smooth water. Tournament boats have a ski  pole Most skiers like the pole close to the centre of the boat. This makes the boat turn more easily.

  Engine power and placement are important too. An engine fitted in the centre of the boat will create less wake than one in the back of the boat. A powerful engine helps you to pull your skier out of the water more quickly. Because these boats have quite a flat bottom, a skeg helps to keep the boat tracking straight, but also helps the boat to carve a better curve when turning..

Wakeboard Boats

   It is possible to wakeboard behind just about any boat which which is fast enough. But specialized wakeboard boats make it easier and more fun. Typically around 18-24 ft, wakeboarding boats have several key features. Like general ski boats they have a flattish or shallow v hull. But in addition they are often fitted with a wakeboard tower, and a ballast system to increase diplacement.

   The tower raises the point from which the rope is pulled, to about 2 m above the water, this gives the wakeboarder more control and makes jumps easier. Increasing ballast makes the boat heavier, which produces a bigger wake.

   A lot of wakeboard boats are fitted with a V drive system which allows the motor to be further aft at the same time as the propellor being further forward. This improves weight distribution for creating the wake, whilst keeping the propellor forward reducing the danger of it.
ski boat

See Engine and drive options  page for more details.

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