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Slipper Launch

slipper launch

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River Cruiser

river cruiser

River Boat

  Marine Classics  builds a wide range of elegant river boats. Please click on the different types of river boat listed above for more specific information.

  A river boat is a boat or ship for inland navigation. This is one of the few cases when a ship can be correctly but misleadingly called a boat. As river boats do not need to suffer such high waves as sea boats they can be more lightly built, with less freeboard. River boats are obviously limited in beam and draft by the river as well as the height (air draft) of bridges  over the river.

 While ferry boats are used to cross rivers, a river boat is used to travel along the river. Commercial river boats are still hugely important in countries with large rivers and few roads. Most of the trade in the Amazon region is carried on by river boat, as it is in many other regions. The river Rhein still has a very large river boat trade. The importance of riverboats depends on the amount of navigable river in comparison to the road and rail network. Commercial riverboats provide cheap but slow transport suitable for bulk cargo. The most famous and elegant commercial river boats were the Mississippi paddle steamers.