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New Boats

Marine Classics design and build new boats. This range complements our classic boats, and they are built to the same high standards. However the design and styling are modern, cutting edge.

These new boats are incorporate high tech composites including carbon fibre and kevlar. But our trademark quality features such as a wooden deck are available  too. The boat pictured here is an example of this integrated design and build process.
new boat built by mrine classics
new boats built by marine classics ltd
Our new boats can be built with any level of input from the customer. From a standard boat to a unique individual boat designed around your every requirement. We build our new boats in the style and material which best suits the customer's requirements.

If you are interested in a new boat tailored to your specific requirements, and which stands out from mass production models, please get in touch to explore ideas.

Below I have gathered some pictures of new boat styles by various other designers which I think look interesting. Perhaps you can suggest a design which you like that I have not included yet.
new boat in stylish red elegant new boats design
distintly styled new boat design
excitng new boat design
black stealth style boat stealth style new boat
new boat and open launch new boat in open style withh wood deck
new boat with wood deck
new boat with wooden deck and canopy new porche boat
new boat design with wood deck
new boat with painted decks
new boat in silver paint

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