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Marine Classics are motor boat builders and designers. Please take a look at our photo page and information on how we can design and build  the perfect boat for you.

A motor boat is simply defined as a boat with an internal combustion engine. This can be an outboard motor, an inboard motor, or an inboard/outboard (stern drive). This is now the most poular option in new motor boats, it is a combination of an inboard engine and an outboard drive leg. At Marine Classics we offer all of these engine and drive options, see the boat engines page.

The propeller was first added to a steam engine by James Watt, and steam launches  and steam boats were popular at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th. Gottlieb Diamler and Maybach are credited as being the first to run a true motor boat with a petrol engine. Frederick Lanchester of the Lanchester car company is credited with launching the first in the UK, in 1904 on the river Thames at Oxford. For more on the development of the motor boat please see motor boat development page.

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