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Jet Boats

jet boat by marine classics boat builders

This is an example of marine classics jet boats. This jet drive was fitted on one of our 21' classic boats. But we can fit them to just about any model.
Jet boats are classified by their propulsion method not their hull design. Sir William Hamilton, in 1954, originally designed jet boats to operate on shallow waters where rocks cause a major problem.

Most motor boats have an engine attached to propellors. The rotation of the propellors either pushes the boat or occasionally pulls it. However, in shallow waters, the propellors would tend to hit rocks at the bottom. A jet boat does not have a propellor, it draws water from under the hull  where it passes through a series of impellors and stators (known as stages) and is then thrust out at the stern of the boat at an increased velocity. It is based on the simple principle of Newton’s third law of motion i.e. every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
Jet Boats Benefits:
- No external rotating parts like propellors.
   Thus it tends to be safer for swimmers as well marine life.
- It can be used in all kinds of water bodies. Including very shallow.
- It can achieve high speeds with low drag.
- It can make very sharp turns.
- It can be used to stop the boat very rapidly.
- It makes the boat much more manouverable than with a propellor.

The only main disavantage of jet boats is cost. The jet drive typically costs significantly more than a propellor.

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