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Gentleman's Launch

  Marine Classics make Gentleman's day launches. Two different versions of an elegant 21' boat are shown on this page. We can make any size up to around 10m/33'. As always we incorporate your own ideas and preferences.
 Gentleman's launches come under the umbrella of cabin or saloon launches. They are also called edwardian launches, as this was the period in which they were most popular.
gentleman's launch
gentleman's day launch

Please call or e mail to discuss your requirements.
  Originally fitted with steam engines and called steam launches or steam yachts. John Thornycroft was the most prolific designer and builder of these boats from around 1860, and started his business with this type of boat before making larger craft. Vosper Thornycroft employs 12,000 people today.
   LiFu (the liquid fuel company) was another major builder of these boats. They were innovative engineers, patenting many advances in steam technology. Liquid fuelling (oil) of boilers being a big advance over shovelling coal.
  From around 1890 electric propulsion started to become common on  this type of boat, as it was much easier to use than steam. Later when petrol then diesel engines became reliable these were used too. We can offer any of these powering options.
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