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Classic Motor Boats    6m/20' +

 These are substantial and spacious sea boats capable of carrying six people or more. The 21'/6.4m model is pictured here.  The 25'/7,6m version has the option of a small cabin under the foredeck and a sunbathing platform on the afterdeck. Any other size of classic motor  launch up to 10m/33ft can be built to order.

wooden boats
 wooden motor boats
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 The 21'/6,4m classic boat is available with many different  motor options. From a 120hp turbodiesel, up to 260hp 5 litre V8 petrol engines - giving speeds around 30-50mph. River and lake versions, with small diesels or electric motor propulsion are also available.

  The 25'/7,6m model is fitted with a 260hp V8 petrol or 230hp turbodiesel engine, but other options are available. See 'Design & Build' page for more build details.
 As with all Marine Classics boats, these classic motor boats are available with a mahogany hull as shown here or with a fibreglass hull in the colour of your choice. The decks in either case are wooden planked in one of many syles and colours.

   Ideal for use in many different environments; offshore, on lakes, rivers and inland waterways they are boats with quality and style.  The Classic 21 is priced from £52,950. Depending on specification, and the 25'/7,6m  launch from £89,950.

classic motor boat
classic motor boats  Variations of the design can be incorporated easily. For example if a customer prefers a square style transom to the rounded one shown here. Or different types of timber. For more information on options please See options available

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