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Classic Boats

Classic Boats less than 20ft  - 6m
classic launch
Classic Boats over 20ft   6m+
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Slipper Launch

slipper launch

Cabin Launch

                    edwardian launch

Venetian Taxi

wooden boat

Marine Classics hand builds new classic boats for an exclusive few clients a year. Distinctive boats based on the best features classic era, improved to include modern ideas of comfort, safety and less maintenance.

We have a wide choice of classic boats in a vast range of style and colour combinations. Classic boats below 6m/20ft are specifically built to be easy to trailer sail, to use as a family boat and are conveniently light. The boats above 6m/20ft offer a larger space, more power and can easily carry six or more people.

We specialize in designing and building classic boats that stand for luxury and comfort. Our classic boats are built with the vision of providing you an exclusive experience with high levels of safety. With a wonderful classic aura, these boats provide maximum enjoyment with minimal maintenance. We also offer the scope of customizing the design and finish of the boats as much as you require. No two of our boats are ever the same.
Marine Classics offers unique slipper launches with traditional River Thames slipper lines, built to your own personal requirements.

The Gentleman’s launch or the Edwardian cabin launch is another style of classic boat we build in a wide range of colour and design options.

If you are looking out for a more unusual classic boat, you could look at our Venetian Taxi. Our boats are individually designed to suit the customer's particular use; be it canal, lake, river, or offshore.   Every boat we make in whatever style  has the option of being powered by petrol, diesel or electricity.

Classic boats which give years of  fun and pride of ownership. True family heirlooms.

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