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Carbon Fibre

  A more detailed view of a Carbon Fibre Boat by Marine Classics
Carbon Fibre is in many ways the perfect boat building material. It is exceptionally strong for it's weight, and is easy to mould with the right equipment. It also looks attractive even when unfinished, and is smooth to take a good finish if required.

However carbon fibre has a couple of disadvantages. First it is expensive - although prices are falling it is still significantly more expensive than most other materials. Secondly it can be brittle to impact - if full advantage is taken of it's weight saving characteristics by making it very thin. Carbon fibre was first used commercially in the 1960's on Rolls-Royce aero engines, it is being given a lot of research and development and is being used in a wider variety of products each decade.

New types are being intruduced, which combine the carbon fibre with other materials such as kevlar and titanium to give special properties. Also coloured carbon fibre is new and will be a big thing in years to come, combining strength with excellent aesthetic properties. See pictures below.

Marine Classics build boats totally in carbon fibre. We also use it as a reinforcement, and as a styling accent in some of  our composite and wood boats. See a detail picture of one of our boats at the right.
carbon fibre boat by marine classics

Kevlar is a trade name for one of several fibres properly called 'Aramid fibres'. It's main advantage is its high impact resistance - as in its use in bulletproof vests. It's main disdvantage, as with carbon fibre, is its cost.
red carbon fibrecarbon fibre with kevlar blue carbon fibregreen carbon fibre

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