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Marine Classics
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New Boat

new boats

Classic Boat

classic boats

Venetian Taxi

wooden boat

Classic Launch

classic launch from marine classics

Gentleman's Launch

gentlemans  launch

Electric Boat

classic electric boat

Slipper Launch

slipper launch

Thames Launch

thames launch

Lake Boat

Ski Boat

ski boat

Historic Boat

historic racing boat

Yacht Tenders

yacht tenders

Steam Launch

steam launch

Carbon Fibre Boat

carbon fibre boats

River Boat

river boat

Power Boat

Steam Boat

steam boat

Boats for sale

Speed Boat

Motor Boat

  A boat is defined as a floating vessel of small to medium size. Most often for lake or river use or in coastal areas. But boats such as dories and whaleboats were designed to be operated from a ship offshore. Navies define a boat as a vessel small enough to be carried aboard a ship. Some types of vessel called boats, but too large for the strict naval definition are submarines, river boats, lake boats, and larger ferry boats.

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