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Boat Engines

 Marine Classics will fit any motor you want to your new boat. We are Mercruiser dealers - this company is the biggest and most respected boat engine manufacturer in the world. But we will fit  any motor for special purposes or to a customer request.
boat engine
V8 boat engine
 Above is pictured the 135hp motor which is the normal choice for the 18ft/5,5m Classic Launch.

  Left is pictured the 5.0L V8 260hp which is standard in the 25ft/7,6m boat, and is an option in the 21'/6,4m.

 Other options in the Mercruiser range are 190 or 220hp V6; 300, 320 and 375hp V8's in petrol. Diesel options are- 120, 170, 200, 250 and 320hp.

  Drive options - again we offer all available options to customers. As standard we offer the engines as pictured above which have an outdrive leg which is hidden under the transom of the boat. However we have also built boats with shaft drive, jet drive, and with a concealed outboard motor.

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The drive option chosen depends on what the boat is to be used for, and the owners' preference.

We are also members of the Electric Boat Association, which is the largest organisation in the world dedicated to electrically powered boats and boating. 

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