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Boat Design

In our boat design process, Marine Classics design, test, and build boats as an integrated in-house process. You can show us a picture or drawing of your dream boat and we will make it for you.

 We note your initial requirements; then go through a consultation process which can be face to face, or phone, or e mail conversations. At this point preliminary drawings and calculations are made. These are often both hand drawn and computer design. Hand drawing is still better for the 'artistic' part of design - getting  the look and style. The computer is better at number crunching in optimising the hull design. Once the design is accepted, we finalise and  check it on the computer (For more on this process please click on the plan  right).  Then we can start to build the boat.
  More detail on computer aided design. boat design
The aim of our new boat design process is to take your unique set of requirements and tailor them into the best possible solution.
launches    In-house design capability gives several major benefits;

 Firstly it allows us to bring the benefits of modern construction techniques to classic boats - giving a stronger more reliable, safer  launch with much  lower maintenance requirements than a traditionally built wooden vessel.

 Secondly it allows for a great deal of flexibliity to suit the customer's requirements. All of our  boats are custom built to a particular specification. The use of computer aided design allows us to fine tune a launch design to suit - efficiently without a large on-cost.

  Thirdly it gives us the capability to produce completely unique custom designs in house. A copy of an older classic launch or your own  boat design can be tested on the computer and then made by us.
Many people have a particular boat in mind which satisfies their aesthetic and practical ideas. Our streamlined boat design and build process puts your ideas on the quickest and smoothest route to reality, with no design/builder issues to get in the way.

Ordering and Delivery

Each Marine Classics boat is individually hand built for a particular customer. Therefore there can be a waiting time of several months.

 For further information on ordering please see our Terms of Business
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