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Boat Builders

These pages provide information about boat builders in general, and Marine Classics in particular.

Boats are built using a few different methods and materials, For more detail on these methods listed below click on them.
On our wood epoxy boats, the hull is laminated from several layers of mahogany, with kevlar and carbon fibre reinforcement. The deck and sides are around 15mm thick and the bottom 18mm.

The whole boat is encapsulated in epoxy and polyurethane resins, inside and out. This acts like a gel coat, but is stronger and more waterproof.
wooden boat builders

The deck is planked - on a waterproof laminated base, though other options are available. The sides and stern are mahogany on wooden boats. (or other wood or  a fibreglass hull  if requested)

The engines are generally under the hatch on  deck, see details of each model for engine options.

The finish is protected by many layers of protective coating similar to that on metallic car paint. For long life with low maintenance.

 The construction techniques used are similar to those used to produce aircraft and racing craft, giving a very high strength to weight ratio.

 The stiffness and thickness of the hull is much greater than a typical boat, but it is lighter.

High quality safe boats made by Marine Classics boat builders.

Below is a link to a video about building wood/epoxy boats. It is from a Discovery channel series called 'American Craftsmen'. The subject of the program is a US company called Van Dam Boats who  provide a similar design and build service to Marine Classics; but are based in the United States. Boat Builders Video
We build boats with many different powering options, electric boats and conventional boat engines.

We are highly skilled, enthusiastic and experienced boat builders, and our work is carried out to a very high standard. Please contact us to discuss your project.

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