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Marine Classics Ltd are boat builders and designers.

We design and build boats in
wood, fibreglass and  high tech composites.

slipper launch
We combine highly skilled craftsmanship with the best materials. Our boats are hand built for an exclusive few clients a year.
We build elegant  boats and launches to  customers requirements. In both modern and classic styles. wooden boat building by
                  marine classics
Our boats give years of enjoyment and pride of ownership. They are true family heirlooms.

new boats by marine
                  classics boat builders

                  edwardian launch
Guaranteed stronger and safer, with much less maintenance than older wooden boats.
classic launches by
                  marine classics Made from mahogany and other fine hardwoods. Which are combined with high technology materials in a proven construction method.
Marine Classics boats are easy and fun to use. They are used on rivers, lakes and inland waterways as well as offshore. andrews slipper
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venetian taxi

Pictures of one of our boats in the film "The Boat that Rocked"

Marine Classics are based in Yorkshire England.    Site last updated November 2012